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We create bespoke programmes and workshops, contribute to academic spaces, and provide data for advocacy and action.


Our team has years of experience working in and coordinating healthcare organisations and services. We develop training sessions designed to improve the quality of provider-patient interactions, and to broaden the perspective of practitioners from all backgrounds.

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Cultural competence is an individual’s ability to understand and respect values and attitudes that differ from their own

We can bring healthcare system insights to topics like gender, development, or human rights

Our basic Sign Language course for healthcare workers teaches aspects of Deaf culture as well as communication

Needs Assessment

Do you need to plan a healthcare programme and want services to align with the needs of the community? Does your healthcare organisation need capacity building but you’re not sure where to start? M2C offers rapid and comprehensive health needs assessments for both healthcare providers and clients.

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A health needs assessment uncovers the unmet health needs of a population and bridges the gap with solutions.

We have produced Needs Assessments for sections of the Deaf population, the LGBT community, and practising HCWs.

Our qualitative and quantitative approaches reflect the goals and values of each community and organisation we work with

Healthcare Programme Design

Our team is trained in project management and have several years’ experience in programme coordination. We can help you to design and introduce health programmes that meet the needs of your community.

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We put marginalised groups at the centre of our healthcare programme design.

We recognise that people and programmes don’t exist in isolation, they’re part of systems and communities.

We create intersectional, join-up care strategies that link to existing services and leverage existing resources.

Resource Creation

Training is an important step, but what happens after? We’re cultivating a resource bank with donwloadable reference content that’s easy to access and easy to use. The materials cover a variety of topics including rights of disabled persons, referral pathways for social services and actionable tips for creating a more inclusive practice.

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We can create custom job-aides for your healthcare organisation, tailored to your training needs.

Our Health Literacy Training of Trainers manual is a good resource for advocates looking to bring this skill to their communities.

Visit our Resources tab for more information. If there’s a resource you need that isn’t listed we can work with you to create it

Health Literacy

We believe that equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to advocate for themselves in healthcare settings is critical to achieving good health and wellbeing for all. And the evidence shows that improving individual health literacy translates to improved health outcomes.

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Health literacy is an individual’s ability to understand and communicate health information.

Our flagship Health Literacy Workshop is a flexible programme that can be delivered over hours or days.

We use our influence and expertise to teach individuals how to navigate the healthcare system for their benefit.